The future of investment management


The future of investment management

Open application programming interfaces

Executive Summary

APIs have been elevated from a development technique to a business model driver and boardroom consideration. An organization’s core assets can be reused, shared, and monetized through APIs that can extend the reach of existing services or provide new revenue streams.

Applications and their underlying data are long-established cornerstones of many organizations. All too often, however, they have been the territory of internal R&D and IT departments. From the earliest days of computing, systems have had to talk to each other in order to share information across physical and logical boundaries and solve for the interdependencies inherent in many business scenarios.

The trend toward integration has been steadily accelerating over the years. It is driven by increasingly sophisticated ecosystems and business processes that are supported by complex interactions across multiple endpoints in custom software, in-house packaged applications, and third-party services (cloud or otherwise).

The open API-oriented approach toward technology architecture is generating lot of attention. APIs are expected to reduce the time to market for various products/ services and lower the cost of build by "plugging in" with open API.

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