Hong Kong - Towards a new paradigm?


Hong Kong - Towards a new paradigm?

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today.” - Chinese proverb

Executive Summary

Hong Kong, with its towering peak, its buzz of commercial activity and its mercantile DNA is a place where change may seem a constant. In such an environment it is perhaps strange to speak of ‘game changers’, and yet with the most recent developments in Hong Kong, that is precisely the case.

Hong Kong has always stood at a crossroads—both by its geography and its hold on place and time. The trading hub is as it ever was, possibly more vibrant, possibly enhanced by the competition that other Chinese cities create for it. The cultural window into China is as rich and perplexing as ever, with the melting pot of Chinese cultures and their interaction with the world beyond. Now, however, profound changes are also afoot in the financial infrastructure of Hong Kong. It will be interesting to see if Hong Kong will be able to take a place on the world asset management stage.

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Performance magazine issue 17, May 2015

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