The evolution of the management company and third-party providers


The impact of new technology on fund distribution in Europe

Insights from Pierre Davoust and fellow asset managers

Executive Summary

Laurent Collet, Partner at Deloitte Luxembourg, had an interesting conversation with Pierre Davoust, Chief Executive Officer of IZNES, on the new era of digitalization, its challenges and prognosis for the future.

Extending far beyond bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is bringing disintermediation to practically
all industries. A survey from the World Economic Forum highlights that financial services will be transformed by this technology and that at least 10 percent of global GDP is expected to be stored on blockchain platforms by 2025.

The fund sector, which is seeking levers for processing optimization and relies heavily on financial service intermediaries
such as transfer agents, fund registries, and fund administration agents, will be particularly affected by this. 

Several initiatives and proof-of-concepts have been launched over the last two years to assess and demonstrate how blockchain can be used to re-shape the fund distribution value chain for the future.

In this article, Pierre Davoust, CEO of SETL France—one of the founding counterparties of IZNES, along with six other French asset managers— shares his views on how the new technology is re-shaping fund distribution in Europe.

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Performance magazine issue 26, May 2018

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