Investment management, mobility, and managing investor security concerns


Investment management, mobility, and managing investor security concerns

A new channel to integrate

Executive summary

The investment management industry is developing mobile offerings for both clients and advisors. In many ways, the current state of the mobile channel harks back to the early days of the internet.

Investment managers had vociferous debates about the value of the internet, the return on investment of websites, what types of information and functionality to offer, and of course, on the safety and security of the internet channel. These very same questions are now being asked about the mobile channel.

To provide some data to better inform this latest debate, the Deloitte Center for Financial Services commissioned a survey by Andrews Research Associates, conducted in January 2014. The 2,193 respondents (of whom 1,488 were investment management account holders) were asked about their awareness, usage, preferences, and concerns when it came to interacting with financial services firms via mobile devices. Many operational and technical issues raised by the survey are covered in greater detail in a companion paper published by Deloitte University Press. In this article, we focus specifically on the issues that impact the investment management industry.

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