Investment Management Platform Providers


Investment Management Platform Providers

Are platform providers ready to address asset managers' emerging business and operational needs?

Before the health crisis of 2020 threw global markets into turmoil, asset managers were already grappling with systemic changes in their industry and were conducting a detailed review of their product suites and operating models. In many ways, COVID-19 has brought the impetus for change to the fore, but the main themes still remain: margins are under pressure from the rising prevalence of passive management, and cost pressures remain strong due to increasing regulatory demands.

Executive Summary

As competition intensifies, asset managers will face increasing pressure to consolidate in order to achieve scale across profitable strategies while shedding non-core products. In-line with multiple high profile mergers within the asset management space, asset servicers are also expanding their functional offering in order to appeal to a wider audience of managers by servicing the mosaic of needs created from these mergers.

An added evolution is the fact that alternative investments are playing an increasingly important role in even ‘traditional’ strategies, requiring a higher level of integration with systems and processes—and not every asset manager is well-equipped to face these changes alone. However, one vital piece of their infrastructure provides the means to strategically orient their firms: the Portfolio Management System (PMS).

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