Investor reporting - catching a second wind


Investor reporting

Catching a second wind

Executive Summary

The global regulatory environment continues to challenge the asset management industry. For many fund and asset based tax teams this is a trying, and tiring, time. As regulators require more extensive information and more comprehensive investor reporting, those affected must not only meet compliance obligations and manage risk, but also deliver on investor demands and try to thrive in a highly competitive environment. So, with the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard (CRS) now coming into play, can they summon up the energy for a second wind?

In the first half of 2016, Deloitte commissioned a follow up to independent market research with asset managers first carried out in 2013. T hrough a s eries of in-depth interviews, the aim was to update the picture emerging from the first study and assess asset managers’ progress on the continua of risk management, process efficiency, and performance improvement.

When we surveyed the industry in 2013, three core drivers of need were pushing asset managers toward a more sophisticated business operating model:

  1. Achieving better oversight and managing risk
  2. Improving process efficiency
  3. Adding value and improving performance

In short, managing risk was critical, but improvement and innovation of the investor experience was also at the forefront of their ambition. T hough resources were squeezed and there were conflicting forces at play, the direction of change was clear, albeit at varying degrees of pace depending on the institution and impetus from the top.

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