Trade management cycle in the investment industry


Optimisation of the trade management cycle in the investment industry

The world of the investment management industry is in full motion: new and increasing regulations, enhanced perspectives in the market environment and new technologies are the only constants in today’s world.

These developments follow each other rapidly, in shorter cycles, with new continuously changing requirements for investment managers to deal with.

Executive summary

  • The investment management organisations that will be best equipped to survive are those that can quickly react and adapt to the environmental, regulatory and technological developments of the next decade
  • Well-developed investment strategies and philosophies are essential but investment managers should also focus on improving their trade management cycle; optimising operational efficiencies to deliver sustainable cost savings reduces overheads and pressure on the investment portfolio’s absolute returns
  • There are two suitable strategies for optimising the trade management cycle; both focus on developing long-term mutual collaboration with specialised and enhanced partners. The first option is collaboration with an up-to-date software vendor which can support the optimal trade management cycle by implementation of ‘best of breed’ software. The second option is collaboration with a specialised outsourcing partner who has experience across the sector in resolving the complex challenges presented
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Performance issue 11 – May 2013

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