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Performance brings you the latest articles, news and market developments from Deloitte’s professionals and clients.

Performance issue 34, January 2021

Performance issue 33, September 2020


Performance issue 32, May 2020

Performance issue 31, January 2020

Performance issue 30, September 2019

Performance issue 28, January 2019

Performance issue 25, January 2018

Older issues

Performance issue 24, September 2017
In this edition of Performance Magazine we take a trip down under to Australia, home of kangaroos, koala bears, and a AU$2.7 trillion wealth management industry.

Performance issue 23, May 2017
In this edition of Performance Magazine, we reflect the global nature of the investment industry.

Performance issue 22, January 2017
In this edition of Performance Magazine, we thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at some of the issues facing a sub-sector of the industry—the alternatives sector.

Performance issue 21, September 2016
Southeast Asia is made up of ten countries with different languages, cultures, political environments, and levels of economic development.

Performance issue 20, May 2016
The fall in oil prices, regional conflicts, the easing of Iranian sanctions and slowdown in key emerging markets, have certainly continued to keep the Middle East in the spotlight.

Performance issue 19, January 2016
The financial services sector in Europe is presently facing a number of challenges. On the one hand, current ECB policies are causing a flood of liquidity on the market, as well as historically low interest rates, combined with the associated downward pressure on asset managers’ margins.

Performance issue 18, September 2015
Asset Management – a Profession with Identity
We speak, and analyse and work a lot with the term asset management – sometimes investment management (is there a difference and if so which?) –

Performance issue 17, May 2015
Investment management and its related markets are being disrupted at an alarming rate. Digital technology and innovation are creating significant opportunities for the industry.

Performance issue 16, January 2015
The GPIF and the future of the Japanese equity market. 

Performance issue 15, September 2014
Global tax and investor reporting. With ever-growing investor demand for new and innovative offerings, the Asset Management industry is expanding rapidly in both size and complexity.

Performance issue 14, May 2014
How can fund managers assess cyber security threats? The increased number of reported cyber attacks on businesses and the evolving nature of the breaches have led many fund managers to reevaluate their cyber security strategies, particularly with regard to preventive protocols and timely responses.

Performance issue 13, January 2014
The future of asset management in Switzerland. At the time of writing this article, a second Swiss bank had just decided to give up its business in the wake of the U.S. tax investigation.

Performance issue 12, September 2013
Now is the time for asset managers to redesign their global operating model. The future of asset management - Davids and Goliaths? Power law investing.

Performance issue 11, May 2013
Optimisation of the trade management cycle in the investment industry. Investment Funds' performance and Financial Transactions Tax. AIFMD Remuneration.

Performance issue 10, January 2013
Refining the target operating model. Real estate senior debt funds. Recent asset management regulatory changes in China.

Performance issue 9, September 2012
Social media - A splendid opportunity for fund promoters and asset managers. Art-secured lending - Unlocking the liquidity of your clients' art collections.

Performance issue 8, May 2012
Post-crisis asset management environment. Challenges and opportunities in financial inclusion. The AIFMD for fund service providers.

Performance issue 7, January 2012
Fund analytics, regulatory requirement or business opportunity? New tax reporting requirements for foreign investment funds distributed in Italy.

Performance issue 6, September 2011
The impacts of regulatory changes on asset management operating models, Added value brought to the asset management industry by cross sub-funds investment techniques, Asset management in a post-crisis environment, etc.

Performance issue 5, May 2011
Challenges and opportunities for alternative and long-only asset servicing platforms. Fund administration survey 2010/2011. Liability Driven Investment: a simple approach to a complex problem.

Performance issue 4, January 2011
Marketing financial products towards increased client protection and harmonisation of practices. The evolving private equity market in China. Why should art be considered as an asset class?

Performance issue 3, September 2010
Challenges and opportunities for traditional active investment managers in a polarising market. M&As in the Spanish asset management industry. UCITS IV - The tax agenda. UCITS IV and the KII, a new chapter in cross-border distribution.

Performance issue 2, April 2010
A short summary of cross border distribution of collective investment schemes in the US. The introduction of an extended Qualified Intermediary program. ETF - A trillion dollar baby. Current securities lending market themes. UCITS: the battle for Asia.

Performance issue 1, December 2009
Hedge funds lite. Islamic finance in a nutshell Life settlement. New fiscal requirements for offshore funds in the UK. UCITS IV management companies. The 10-minute fund sales agreement 28 Non retail offshore funds.

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