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Issue 41

17 March 2023

The next mile:

Smoothing the path for foreign investors accessing China

16 February 2023

Data as an investment

Why you need a strong strategy and governance

Issue 40

13 January 2023

Growing pains or gains for the EU Green Deal

How SFDR classifications impact asset managers and investor expectations

22 December 2022

Major challenges ahead for the Asset Management industry

A paradigm shift is anticipated in the coming years

9 December 2022

How Risk and Compliance functions can support the net zero transition

Investment managers and net zero

25 November 2022

Fight against tax fraud laundering put to the test in next FATF visit

11 November 2022

Regulatory agenda and trends

Digital opportunities and challenges

28 October 2022

How the SFDR is changing the dynamics in Private Equity

Implementation challenges for General Partners and Limited Partners

Issue 39

3 October 2022

Enhancing Investment Stewardship

Modernizing the active ownership operating model

27 September 2022

Walking the path to net-zero with clients

In conversation with Fabiana Fedeli of M&G Investments

2 September 2022

What’s driving investment and wealth managers’ ESG strategies?

Data connects E, S and G

28 July 2022

100 Women in Finance

In conversation with CEO Amanda Pullinger

21 July 2022

Can securities lending and responsible investment strategies be compatible?

An overview of public studies and academic research

14 July 2022

The golden rule of global financial communication

Language really matters

7 July 2022

Why the current settlement world is like Formula 1

Poor communication hampers speed

30 June 2022

Greenwashing risks in asset management

Staying one step ahead

Issue 38

13 May 2022

From delivery mechanism to strategic lever: The future of funds

6 May 2022

ESG investing as the ‘age of complacency’ ends

How unshakeable can the definition of ESG actually be when seismic global events change the landscape?

29 April 2022

Navigating the ever-evolving ESG landscape

The view from the Cayman Islands

22 April 2022

Measuring the value of human capital

Human capital is one of the largest drivers of value

24 March 2022

The golden age of Private Equity: Observations from an insider

Why has Private Equity proved so popular in recent years and how did it become the rising star of the alternative investments funds industry and private capital?

11 March 2022

Switzerland’s fund distribution rules

Rules and regulations for foreign funds aimed at qualified investors

25 February 2022

Modernization through regulation

Two years on, what have we learned from the Cayman Islands’ private capital funds regulatory regime?

11 February 2022

The digital revolution is also here

How ETL and data analytics have transformed the auditing of funds

Issue 37

25 January 2022

The importance of the personal touch

Deloitte Germany’s Christian Boeth interviews Leif Schönstedt of Union Investment Institutional GmbH

6 January 2022

The future of ESG in asset management

In conversation with Wiebke Merbeth of BayernInvest and Ingo Speich of Deka Investment

16 December 2021

Does data really facilitate today’s cross-border investment fund distribution?

2 December 2021

COVID-19: a silver lining for marketing?

25 November 2021

Deloitte 2021 FX Hedging Survey

How the currency overlay industry is facing 2021’s challenges

18 November 2021

Have you thought about the “Cs” in ESG?

Why Credibility and Comfort matter in a sustainable business model

28 October 2021

Opportunity awaits

Crypto-assets in investment management

14 October 2021

The German Fund Jurisdiction Act

What are the changes for investment management firms?

Issue 36

24 September 2021

Assessing the value investment funds deliver to investors

Lessons from the UK experience

16 September 2021

Accelerating digital transformation, responsibly

Achieving a higher bottom line in financial services

9 September 2021

Artificial intelligence: to the rescue of tedious compliance tasks

UCITS eligibility validation with AI

2 September 2021

Will smart beta ETFs revolutionize the asset management industry?

Understanding smart beta ETFs and their impact on active and passive fund managers

26 August 2021

Demystifying your ManCoTech journey

Digitalization as a key enabler to support the strategic agendas of ManCos.

22 July 2021


What you need to know for a successful migration

8 July 2021

IM changes on the horizon

A quick tour of upcoming regulatory changes

24 June 2021

CSRD: cornerstone of EU’s sustainable finance strategy for quality investor ESG data

14 June 2021

Three roads to MiFID III

What lies ahead for the upcoming regulatory review?


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