The recipe for a successful integration process

The objective of a merger is to create value for clients and shareholders by bringing two entities together. While the work carried out during the due diligence phase enables the companies to assess the merits and expected integration phase.

Executive Summary

Interview with Christine Gentil, Global Head of Business Support and Operations

I truly believe that the success of this phase largely depends on the migration of operational systems, since this phase adds value and allows businesses to be integrated onto a shared platform. Amundi has extensive experience in this field, having worked on the integration of Crédit Lyonnais Asset Management (2006), Société Générale Asset Management (2010), CPR (2011), and BFT (2012) and also integrated Amundi Services’ clients onto our A.L.T.O.1 platform. The Pioneer team brought a wealth of experience of operational change and system migration processes. Drawing on these experiences, we have developed strong principles that were rigorously applied during the AMUNDI/PIONEER integration.

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Performance magazine issue 30, September 2019

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