Illustrative annual report for ManCos and AIFMs in accordance with Luxembourg GAAP - 2018


Illustrative annual report for ManCos and AIFMs in accordance with Luxembourg GAAP - 2018

With around EUR 4.13 trillion of total net assets in Investment Funds as at 31 October 2017, Luxembourg continues to be Europe’s leading Investment Fund centre. Overall, the number of Management Companies authorized in Luxembourg continues to grow as evidenced by the evolution in the table below. This is particularly noticeable in relation to the evolution of authorised AIFMs approved by the CSSF since the transposition of the AIFMD into local law in 2013. Also noteworthy is the decline in self-managed SICAVs in Luxembourg in favour of appointing a Management Company.

This illustrative brochure seeks to give guidance and provide practical examples to preparers and reviewers on how to present the financial position and results of a Luxembourg Management Company in compliance with local laws and generally accepted accounting principles. It further provides references to applicable Articles of relevant law and proposes a format of presenting information in a logical and easy-to-read manner. The proposed disclosures presented herein represent our view of current best practices. These should however not be considered as the only acceptable form of presentation. The form and content of the Management Company’s annual accounts are the responsibility of its management.

This version of the brochure incorporates the latest developments to the accounting and company law that occurred since the last issue.

We hope that you find these illustrative annual accounts helpful and encourage you to contact us for further discussions or additional information.

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