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Who wants to collect millions?

With over 3,200 management companies in Europe and 55,000 funds, places in the sun come at a great cost for those who want to collect millions. Domestic markets have become too narrow and local investors, whether private or institutional, are no longer able to support asset management players.

Executive summary

  • Extending the application of the European passport to all collective investment products gives pause for thought regarding the operating systems of European management companies
  • The model is of particular interest to management entities with multiple locations in Europe, as well as non-European establishments that wish to obtain a European license for their management activities
  • Implementation of the Universal ManCo model requires a detailed analysis of the critical issues (location of the entity, human resources management, implementation process, tax implications, delegation management, etc.)
  • The Universal ManCo model meets operating efficiency objectives

Illustration of a ‘Universal ManCo’ model covering all group licenses

Performance issue 13 – January 2014

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