Zooming in on the features and effects of the ELTIF framework


Zooming in on the features and effects of the ELTIF framework

Interview with Dr. Julia Backmann, LL.M. Vice President (legal) at BVI

Executive Summary

In April 2015, the European legislators adopted a new investment fund framework designed for investors who want to put money into companies and projects for the long term. The regulation on these private “European Long-Term Investment Funds” (ELTIFs) aims at increasing the pool of capital available for long-term investment, such as infrastructure and small and medium-sized businesses in the EU economy by creating a new form of fund vehicle.

We conducted an interview with Dr. Julia Backmann- Vice President of the legal department at the German Investment Funds Association BVI -on the current status of the ELTIF regulation. The ELTIF regulation has entered into force on 9 December 2015. The European Supervisory Authority ESMA consulted implementing measures (known as Regulatory Technical Standards - RTS) in early autumn 2015. These RTS will determine some of the final circumstances under which the new funds will operate.

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