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RPA (Robotics) in IM Industry

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Link'n Learn - RPA (Robotics) in IM Industry

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  • What is RPA? What are the challenges? Why is RPA relevant?
  • RPA today --> RPA tomorrow (vs AI)
  • RPA what are the challenges and insights form the expert
  • RPA applications to the IM industry
  • Case studies + video
  • Conclusions – what is next


  • Stéphane Collas, Partner, Assurance, France
  • Nicolas Hennebert, Partner, Assurance, Luxembourg
  • Bernard Lecaillon, Director, Operations Excellence & Human Capital, Luxembourg
  • Yannick Mettavant, Manager, Assurance, Luxembourg
  • Simon Hanrahan, Manager, Consulting, Ireland
  • Luke Halpin, Manager, Consulting, Ireland

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