Cross-border fund distribution services


Cross-border fund distribution services

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The current state of cross-border distribution reflects over two decades of continuous evolution and growth, with a distinct focus on UCITS products. The next two decades will see challenges unlike those that we have met before, and Deloitte can help you facing these challenges.

Cross-border distribution of investment funds lies at an intersection – true economies of scale, true investment efficiency, true cost effective asset management come from the ability to attract significant inflows on a regular and continued basis, and those inflows come from a vast number of different national, regional and fiscal environments.

To achieve these ambitious goals requires knowledge of how markets operate in each country and the ever changing dynamics of wealth creation in the modern world.

Registration requirements drive product design

At the heart of successful cross-border distribution is the registration and maintenance process – what is required, where, when and how?

Deloitte deploys a fully integrated team based in Luxembourg – on the client side, each relationship is in the hands of a dedicated relationship manager, whose focus is on accompanying clients through the processes to meet their objectives, keeping them informed of the progress of their files, keeping them abreast of market news and trends, either impacting them directly or trends and developments that may be of possible interest to them.

On the ‘street-side’ country specialists follow individual markets, handle the relationship with local regulators and where necessary other relevant professionals.

Customer protection and information is at the forefront of the regulator’s agenda, and the focus for asset managers and distributors alike. One of the cornerstones of investor protection in distribution is the Key Investor Information Document – the KIID.

Deloitte offers a full range of KIID services from analysis and quality review to a seamless full KIID production chain.

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Cross-Border Distribution Conference - 3 March 2015

On 3 March 2015, Deloitte Luxembourg and Elvinger, Hoss & Prussen organised the third edition of their annual joint Cross Border Distribution Conference at the New Luxembourg Congress Centre Kirchberg in Luxembourg city. The topic of the day - “Cross Border distribution – What does the future hold for UCITS and AIFs” – brought together around 500 pan-European industry experts.

Luxembourg, in its role as the largest investment funds domicile in Europe and the second largest worldwide after the United States, plays a central role in the distribution of investment funds. The objective of the conference was therefore to offer a platform to the participating experts to exchange on the impacts of the recent wave of regulations and other forces at work on the industry. Key challenges and opportunities such as the new digital economy and its impacts on classical distribution models, as well as the opportunities for asset managers in emerging markets such as China and South America have been covered during the conference.

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