Deloitte Master-Feeder


Deloitte Master - Feeder

Deloitte Luxembourg can help you setting up a Master-Feeder structure, facing the numerous challenges it implies.

Your challenge

There are numerous challenges that need to be addressed in setting up Master-Feeder structures among others: filing with the Authorities, setting up of various agreements (custodian, information sharing, and auditors’ agreement), streamlining of product objectives, alignment of cut-off, valuation point of net asset value release, order routing, client’s communication.

You need to ensure a smooth implementation of the Master-Feeder structure without too much disturbance in the operational set –up and clients' push back. 

Our solution

Our Master-Feeder diversified team can share its experience on project mapping, road map and analysing target and operating model of the Master-Feeder structure to ensure minimum disturbance in the operational set-up.

We can provide a variety of professional services and among others: support in filing with the Authorities, profitability analysis, various supports on the operational set-up such as the cut-off, valuation point, order routing and client’s communication. 


Virginie Boulot

Virginie Boulot

Partner | Audit & Assurance

Virginie is a partner in the audit department and has over 15 years’ of experience in the investment funds industry. She is specialised in audits of investment funds and hedge funds and regulatory com... More