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Digital Due Diligence on Distributors

There is no doubt that one of the key elements of a successful distribution is having a solid distribution network. The initial selection of distributors and the ongoing monitoring of their activities is of crucial importance. It is central to put adequate measures in place to ensure that distribution enables commercial success, while managing the risks.

Effective distributor oversight is a key driver for success – let us help you unbox your distribution network.

A digital solution to help you focus on your business

Faced with a multitude of EU initiatives, local regulatory requirements, and operational challenges affecting investment fund distribution, today’s asset managers are looking for efficient collaborations. In particular, Luxembourg management companies must perform both written initial due diligence checks on their delegated distributor but also monitor their activities on an ongoing basis. Let us help you manage these challenges with our effective, efficient, and tailored solutions.


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Your needs

Increased risk management

-Regulatory pressure
-Controls and sanctions
-Financial and regulatory risk
-Reputational damage

Increased operational efficiency

-Compliance cost increase
-Onboarding time
-Evolving regulatory environment
-Availability of suitable resources

Reaching sustainable compliance is a key objective for the industry.

Our solution

Know Your Distribution (KYD)

Initial selection

Risk based approach

Ongoing monitoring



D2D2 Online questionnaire

1. Technology, IT systems, and managed services

2. General information, structure, and operating model

3. Risk management and internal controls

4. Oversight of sub-distribution

5. Distribution and marketing

6. Marketing materials

7. Distribution fee rebates


Our D2D2 service helps you with all aspects of the due diligence process, thanks to a digital platform for efficient execution. That, combined with our expertise, will allow you to get closer to that key objective by providing a future-proof compliance solution.

Through a dedicated web platform, we offer you:

  • Best-in-class customizable DDQ Digital dissemination
  • Online completion of the questionnaires by distributors
  • Centralization of results, either in terms of completion and assessment, global, by region or by country, etc.

Your benefits

Reduce the risks on your distribution network

Rely on best market practice and a tailored questionnaire

A unique digital platform consolidating your distribution oversight

A modular approach from “lightweight” assistance to a fully integrated solution

Keep an easy oversight with our solution and focus on your business, turning challenges into opportunities.

Our differentiators

Our experience at your disposal
Distribution Oversight & Intelligence
Access our Digital Due Diligence Platform

In terms of experience, we provide tailored assistance in the context of risk-assessment, Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) reviews, and KPI management, as well as giving you access to a dedicated team of specialized experts and senior expertise.

Compliance with regulatory requirements, e.g., CSSF Circular 12/546, UCITS V, AIFMD, MiFID II, among others is facilitated and synergies can be generated through the use of other Market Booster services.

Reduced key man dependency and operational risk in addition to freed up internal resources that can once again focus on the core business will eventually lead to cost reduction, time saved and a more efficient business practice.

In a nutshell, our solution is:

  • Customisable
  • Allows for several questionnaire versions per fund manager
  • Puts the fund manager in control of his distribution network
  • Provides intelligent reporting for boards of directors, internal/external auditors and regulators
  • Offers the opportunity to expand into data analytics, if desired
  • Ready for deployment and already live with the first users (more to come over the next few weeks)


Lou Kiesch

Lou Kiesch

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François-Kim Hugé

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François-Kim is a partner within the advisory & consulting department. He is currently in charge for running the Fund Registration Services, incl. the KIID Factory and AIFMD Notification Services. He ... More

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Bastien Collette

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