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Luxembourg investment funds challenges

Numerous recent changes to the regulatory landscape mean that investment managers are facing a new level of complexity in their business. Executives of private equity firms, mutual funds, unit trusts, hedge funds and other wealth managers are all grappling with new ways to go about their business in the ever-changing global markets.

Our services for investment managers in Luxembourg

The Deloitte member firms’ investment management practice provides global resources and global capabilities, but with a local presence and a clear understanding of the client’s market and way of doing business. Through this network, professionals around the world serve their clients locally while drawing upon the global network’s considerable worldwide resources.

Our investment management services include:


  • Audit services
  • Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) compliance and verification

Advisory & consulting


Our investment management practice

Our Luxembourg investment management practice shares information and best practices on an ongoing basis and ensures that our clients are kept up to date on domestic and international regulatory developments that impact their business.

Our approach
We proactively assist our clients via professionals with practical operational experience and expertise within the investment management or asset servicing industry.

Deloitte is very actively involved in the development of new regulations, practices, and industry positions on a wide range of topics. We are represented in each of the main industry or regulatory working groups/committees, enabling us to be at the forefront of new developments. Through our ongoing advice, our clients benefit from timely information, enabling them to anticipate future trends.

Our objectives

  • Create added value and impact on each client audit, tax and consulting engagement measured by our client satisfaction
  • Develop and maintain industry knowledge and research to create a centre of expertise and proactively participate in the evolution of the IM industry

Our team
Deloitte Luxembourg’s practice benefits from sound market knowledge, strong expertise and significant industry experience. The practice’s proven methodology can rely on a multidisciplinary approach capitalising on synergies between audit, tax and consulting experts.

Our clients
We serve investment funds, hedge funds, banks and other financial sector professionals with a wide range of services and work with a number of international promoters, advisers and service providers in the investment fund industry.

Introduction to Investment Funds


Sylvain Crépin, FRM

Sylvain Crépin, FRM

Partner | IM Advisory & Consulting Leader

Sylvain Crepin joined Deloitte Luxembourg in January 2012 and is Partner in the Financial Risk Management department. He is specialised in risk management advisory and solutions for the investment fun... More

Vincent Gouverneur

Vincent Gouverneur

Partner | EMEA Investment Management Leader

Vincent joined Deloitte in 2001 and currently serves as Partner in Advisory & Consulting for the Financial Industries and especially for the Investment Management and Private Banking sectors. Vincent ... More

Xavier Zaegel, FRM

Xavier Zaegel, FRM

Partner | Investment Management Leader

Xavier is a partner within the advisory and consulting department and is the head of the Capital Markets practice in Luxembourg. As a market and credit risk specialist, he has been leading various ass... More