Market Booster


Market Booster

A suite of services designed to help your business take off

Our Market Booster package assists you in all aspects of your business’s fund strategy, from the initial setup of a fund, through its distribution in a variety of markets to optimizing its marketing strategy. We help you build, fly, and accelerate your fund strategy!


Our solution

There are three areas in which we support you: Build, Fly, and Accelerate. In the below infographic you will see short descriptions of the services in each of these areas with links to the dedicated solution webpages.

We would be happy to hear from you to discuss any or all of our Market Booster services!

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Services such as Kaleidoscope give you an instant view on what is happening in the markets you are interested in. Dedicated Market Intelligence can answer questions such as “who is selling what to whom and at what price?" by providing by providing bespoke analyses of product fit to country requirements.

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Our new Registration Insights app enables you to stay ahead of regulatory changes and be, at any time, up-to-date on the regulatory landscape. It is a web based application providing self-service access to information e.g. about where a registration is required, the definition of marketing, the complexity of the local regulatory framework (including score card) as well as the various marketing arrangements and reporting obligations that would result.

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In January 2018, MiFID II entered into force and asset managers are now required to define a Target Market for each share class of their investment funds. The Deloitte Target Market App is a dedicated tool to prepare the assessment, review it and monitor it for potential updates.

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Our UCITS and AIFM fund marketing passporting and registration service encompasses a fully managed service, including a central point of contact and liaison between the client and local regulatory authorities in target markets. We can also manage third party service providers, the coordination of prospectus changes, and provide advisory on compliance with regulatory reporting obligations. The outsourcing of statistical regulatory reporting and ad-hoc assistance in appointing local representatives forms part of our service offering as well. The entirety of the proposition is performed with the help of advanced technology and oversight possibilities managed on DBoard. Our Regulatory Intelligence team is of course able to provide you with tailored information on current developments in the fund distribution space that may be of interest – such as the Asian Market or, more specifically, local pass-porting frameworks such as the Asian Region Fund Passport.

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We offer advanced solutions covering UCITS KIIDs, PRIIPs KIDs and the related EPT, CEPT and EMT report. Together with our chosen FinTech platform, we propose an all-inclusive service covering the collection, centralisation, control, coordination and dissemination of aggregated fund data sets, documents and reports.

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The drafting and maintenance of the fund prospectus tends to be cumbersome and time consuming. With various internal and external actors involved, ensuring a clear process is key. Deloitte’s new prospectus management service allows for a workflow driven and automated approach, reducing administration time by up to 30% and providing transparent audit trails along the way.

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Our “Fund Comms in a box” set of fully customisable services, ranging from a managed outsourced solution to the provision of customised tools to support your in-house processes will enable you to meet regulators’ expectations and implement best market practices. We take into account multiple local requirements based mainly on consumer protection rules e.g. performance disclosure, warning statements and additional practical information to advice on fund factsheets, websites and marketing teasers to name but a few.

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Together with a hand-picked FinTech, specialised in digital experience platforms for financial services companies, we developed our Factsheet 2.0 service, which enhances the concept of a paper factsheet and transforms it into an online tool. It will enable you to offer a new experience of exploring your funds, as you will be able to customize content, format, and granularity of information on the fly.

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In the past few years, regulatory changes as well as disruption in the form of FinTechs and RegTechs has redefined the fund industry. We have identified the following four trends that made us rethink our service proposition and develop the Market Booster concept.

Cost control has risen as a key discussion topic, affecting all processes within the value chain.

Product development, legal, regulatory, and compliance functions are no exception to this trend and traditional setups are revisited to cut costs.

Due to the fast-evolving regulatory framework, asset managers realize that they should retain their attention on their core business functions, i.e. outsource those areas that are not value generators.

It is now accepted that not only back office tasks can be outsourced, but that complex, expert, high-value-added tasks can be externalized in that context. This is what smartsourcing is about.

Asset managers are moving away from “spaghetti architecture,” where each new regulatory requirements gave rise to specific, standalone solutions, resulting in a more complex overall organization.

The trend is to now combine and setup a global solution interlinking data and processes, to control data once, and have consistency and quality by interlinking connected processes.

In the area of fund distribution, we have observed large asset managers:

  • Centralizing their KIID (UCITS & PRIIPs) process
  • Centralizing their UCITS & non-UCITS cross-border registrations
  • Consolidating the registration process across multiple jurisdictions
  • Consolidating KIID and fund registration processes to speed up their turnaround time and decrease costs.


Lou Kiesch

Lou Kiesch

Partner | Regulatory Consulting Leader

Lou joined Deloitte in November 2001 as Director in the Risk Advisory department, where he currently heads up the Compliance and Regulatory Practice. Since June 2005, he is partner within Deloitte’s R... More

François-Kim Hugé

François-Kim Hugé

Partner | Fund Registration Services

François-Kim is a partner within the advisory & consulting department. He is currently in charge for running the Fund Registration Services, incl. the KIID Factory and AIFMD Notification Services. He ... More

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