Market intelligence


Market intelligence

What you need to know and why

Deloitte Luxembourg can respond to your needs in terms of market intelligence, but also to accompany you in the practical application of that knowledge.

Context and issues

There is no magic formula that determines why a fund – UCITS or other UCI – will meet with success when offered to investors. Many factors come into play. As in any endeavour, it is only by establishing what is known that one may begin to understand what remains to be learnt.

Key issues
The notion of ‘market Intelligence’ can encompass many different things. It can be as simple as the articulation of what is effectively a work instruction – "how do I register a fund in this jurisdiction?"

It can be a complex and often costly exercise in market research to determine what competitors are doing – "who is selling what to whom and at what price?"

It can be a formative element to long-term strategy, determining which platform to distribute in which region and to which client segment.  

Our services

Our clients value highly our offerings which include:

  • Regular updates and checklists on registration and distribution requirements by jurisdiction
  • Country profiles capturing country specifics and major trends
  • Bespoke analyses of product fit to country requirements
  • In-depth reviews matching practical needs to strategic vision

How can we help?

  • We are able to put ourselves in your shoes in setting out and evaluating the options
  • We can examine with you past experience, what has worked and what has not
  • We harness our proven methodologies and analytics to your practical concerns


Benjamin Collette

Benjamin Collette

Partner | Strategy, Clients & Industries Leader

Benjamin currently serves as Deloitte Luxembourg’s Strategy, Clients & Industries Leader and he is the firm’s Financial Services Industry Leader. In addition to his firm-wide roles, Benjamin leads the... More

Lou Kiesch

Lou Kiesch

Partner | Regulatory Consulting Leader

Lou joined Deloitte in November 2001 as Director in the Risk Advisory department, where he currently heads up the Compliance and Regulatory Practice. Since June 2005, he is partner within Deloitte’s R... More