Registration Insights - Cross-border distribution goes digital


Registration Insights

Cross-border distribution goes digital

Regulatory intelligence is at the heart of every well-structured cross-border strategy, and is integral to reducing risk and maximizing your opportunities. Registration Insights enables you to stay ahead of regulatory changes and be, at any time, up-to-date on the regulatory landscape. Seize the market opportunities by relying on our regulatory insights and stay connected with 80+ regulatory experts at Deloitte.

Registration Insights is a web-based application providing self-service access to fund registration intelligence. It includes information about where a registration is required, the definition of marketing, the complexity of the local regulatory framework (including score card) as well as the various marketing arrangements and reporting obligations that would result. Explore the world map, select your preferred countries and compare requirements across different host jurisdictions.

Registration Insights is available in our DBoard platform.


Fund Industry Statistics

  • Assess local investors’ appetite for different fund products and strategies
  • Benchmark your strategy against current market positions and trends

Solicitation without notification

  • Explore the available channels to distribute your products without a regulatory notification
  • Leverage solicitation and reverse solicitation rules

Regulatory complexity

  • Compare the complexity of your target countries’ regulatory frameworks
  • Consider the key attention points necessary to determine your distribution strategy

Regulatory requirements

  • Identify the regulatory rules you need to comply with for the target host market and the investors you wish to target
  • Be readily informed about any regulatory change


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Registration Insights | Cross-border distribution goes digital


François-Kim Hugé

François-Kim Hugé

Partner | Fund Registration Services

François-Kim is a partner within the advisory & consulting department. He is currently in charge for running the Fund Registration Services, incl. the KIID Factory and AIFMD Notification Services. He ... More