Tax reporting for funds


Tax reporting for funds

By leveraging ‘leading edge technology’ and people, Deloitte provides a comprehensive service allowing an integrated services menu in regard to tax reporting and distribution services enabling economy of scale.

Cross-border distribution imposes various complex tax reporting considerably amended during the last years. Strong reactivity to fulfill the regulatory requirements and its constant evolution is essential.

Product features should be aligned by minimising costs and encouraging synergies. Knowledge of local market is very important before starting distribution in any country.

That is why Deloitte has put in place an ambitious worldwide tax solution allowing efficiency and clear economies of scale. 

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Fund Tax Reporting in Europe and abroad
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Our Tax reporting services for funds

We provide and integrated solution service to support your business and products from the very start of their life cycle until their end.

For your business, this means:

  • Only one contact point for the resolution of all issues for all domiciles and all taxes;
  • Benefit from synergies;
  • Benefit from economies of scale; and, as a result: an effective and efficient service proposal at an attractive budget.

Management and coordination of your worldwide annual tax duties

  • Germany: compilation and/or the certification of tax figures according to sec. 5 par. 1 no. 1, 2 and 3 German Investment Tax Act (GITA)
  • Austria: compilation and/or the certification of the annual tax reporting for the white and extra white fund status
  • United Kingdom: compilation and/or review and application for the UK tax regime according to UK tax aspects of the Offshore Funds Legislation
  • Switzerland: compilation and/or review of tax figures according to Circular no. 24 or Circular no. 25
  • Italy: compilation and/or review of asset test in accordance to Decree of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance dated 16 December 2011

Our tailor made services for daily and annual tax reporting: (Germany, Austria, EUSD, etc.)

  • Assistance, review and optimisation of the implementation of an appropriate system to determine daily tax figures
  • Definition of functional specifications in cooperation with our fiscal experts
  • Definition and setting-up of robust controls
  • Review and identification of the key current risk factors and describe the risk related to each activity and drivers involved
  • Independent review of the daily tax reporting over a large period (IP, AKG, KESt, TIS, NII)
  • Independent recalculation of the daily tax figures
  • Training and workshops

Looking for tax advice? (FATCA services, tax reporting for private banking clients, withholding tax, tax matrix, UCITS IV, Sharia’a funds, real estate funds, pension pooling,...) please visit the “Tax advisory & compliance services” section. 

Our Tax reporting services  for funds

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