Islamic finance at Deloitte


Islamic finance at Deloitte

No interest... but plenty of attention

Through its attractive financial market place and its worldwide-recognised expertise Luxembourg is the ideal location to manage and distribute Sharia'a compliant financial instruments on the global market.

The approach

Despite the financial crisis, fundamentals of the Islamic finance market remain strong. With almost US$1.7 trillion of funds under management, significant oil and gas reserves and an expanding Muslim population in the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) region, Islamic finance protagonists have played their cards well. Among the 20 largest sovereign wealth funds, 11 of them, representing US$2.713 billion, are located in countries where Islam is the main faith.

In this environment, many states appear as specialist Islamic finance platforms through the implementation of dedicated regulatory and tax regimes (e.g. Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait). In Europe, Luxembourg is clearly a leading jurisdiction. In 2014, the Grand Duchy ranked as the largest non-Muslim place for fund domiciliation with 11.5% of the global market share.

Setting up Islamic investment ventures in Luxembourg is building a bridge between two worlds, at the crossroad of converging interests of investors in need of opportunities serving the real economy on the one hand and Islamic fund promoters keen to distribute their products worldwide on the other hand.

The flexible approach adopted by the Luxembourg government, the regulator and other actors of the financial sector, its worldwide-established proficiency in terms of financial assets administration and distribution, as well as a highly skilled multilingual workforce, are some of the factors that make Luxembourg one of the most popular financial centres in the world.

Islamic finance at Deloitte - No interest... but plenty of attention

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