Islamic Finance Industry Knowledge Center


Islamic Finance Knowledge Center

A center of excellence for industry professionals

The Islamic Finance Knowledge Center (IFKC) is a Center of Excellence established to provide Islamic Finance industry thought leadership to industry professionals.

Based on the work of its Intelligence and Research function, the Center imparts knowledge, skills, and innovation in thought with a view to promoting and implementing change in Islamic Finance industry practices around the world. As a result, the IFKC represents a one-stop shop for practitioners who seek to acquire knowledge and competency in different areas of technical expertise and Islamic Finance industry governance.

The IFKC is active on a number of levels in its aim to set the standards of thought leadership in Islamic Finance, including:

  • Compiling a library of reference books, standards and industry report
  • Issuing IKFC research and reports to industry stakeholders
  • Holding IFKC seminars and workshops to update professionals on industry issues
  • Conducting surveys of Islamic Finance leaders
  • Sharing webcasts featuring discussions with experts and policy-makers
  • Publishing e-magazine to share thought leadership with clients and markets
  • Participating in public events to raise awareness and educate

At the same time, the IFKC plays a mutually reinforcing role in relation to Deloitte’s Islamic Finance professionals, providing service line leaders and partners with technical support and practical expertise relating to the Islamic capital industry on issues such as investment asset classes, product structuring, regulations, risk and credit analysis and ratings models as well as listing and trading rules. Deloitte’s Islamic Finance industry service line deliverables and value propositions are delivered by our technical experts and infrastructure in Assurance, Risk Advisory, Consulting, Financial Advisory and Tax

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