KIID survey


KIID survey

More work ahead

This report provides an insight on how the KIID implementation took place, and how far we are before it becomes a smooth and cost-effective process.

The “drop-dead” date on KIID has come and passed – KIID is now a fact of life, or it should be. And scarcely has the KIID as we know it is created, than the European Regulatory Framework is already considering to markedly changing its path to maturity.

We observed that the route has been a far from smooth one, and we had a lingering doubt that the story is not yet over, so we wanted to test this and again ask the market how it has been getting on, and thereby help you to situate your own experience, plans and intentions going forward versus the broader market and your peers.

The main conclusions of the survey are that:

  • Despite all the work that has gone into the KIID, there is still a long way to go before it becomes a smooth and cost-effective process.
  • The cost dynamics of the KIID are still only poorly understood. Impressions can be misleading and the true costs are much higher than is thought.
  • Significant efficiencies can still be driven out from the process.
  • The end customer is still at this stage ambivalent, and that far increasing investor protection there is a concern that the KIID may have further disadvantaged the fund industry vis-à-vis other competing investments.
  • The Draft KID directive –formerly PRIPS is already reshaping the future.
KIID survey - More work ahead - PDF file - size: 212kb
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