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Discover how Deloitte Luxembourg can help you manage KIID with a full KIID factory, the KIID diagnostics, and the provision of KIID content.

Your challenges

The market overall welcomed the KIID as a net and evident improvement on the previous simplified prospectus. Experience has indicated however that the exercise has proven more challenging, more costly and more complex than many had anticipated.

Certain divergences in interpretation are also emerging in national interpretation and the evolution of the document is now to be seen in the context of discussion around the draft KID Directive (previously PRIPS) and the sanctions regime of UCITS V.

The KIID hides a sea of complex issues:

  • There are numerous rules to adhere to produce KIIDs: content, language, structure, format, detailed calculations for the risk measure (SRRI) or the ongoing charges, publication, archiving, regulator notification, distributor dissemination, publication (UCITS IV, Commission regulation, CESR guidelines, ALFI FAQ, local laws, etc.).
  • You need to get an ongoing comfort on the quality of your published KIIDs to avoid future claims from investors and regulators.
  • You are just learning by experience that assembling KIIDs is in itself a challenge, and you are wondering whether your team in charge is well equipped to meet the volume, tight delays and quality targets.
UCITS KIID - Key Investor Information Document

KIID diagnostics

We have designed a comprehensive battery of over 75 quantitative and qualitative tests to ensure top quality and consistency across all data owners which helps us establish conformity of various KIID sections and the overall document against the KIID regulations.

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KIID factory

We can construct on your behalf all the KIIDs you need to produce. KIID implementation includes considerable technical challenges, but setting up the right organisation and the right processes are amongst the greatest. Deloitte offers an “air traffic control” service providing our clients with the comfort that the whole KIID process is managed.

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Provision of KIID content

We can provide you with the best components to construct KIIDs. Included into that is infamous calculation of the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI), checking the plain language, on-going charges section.

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Lou Kiesch

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