KIID Factory


KIID factory

Deloitte KIID factory is a full outsourcing service of KIID content creation, assembly, production, and quality control.

One of the major challenges on the KIID is the co-ordination of the whole effort, content creation, assembly, and production. This involves not just the selection of an appropriate tool, the identification of data owners and stakeholders, but the whole complex process of identifying and reacting appropriately to “trigger” events.

KIID implementation includes considerable technical challenges, but setting up the right organisation and the right processes are amongst the greatest. 

Our outsourcing service - End-to-end service offering

We offer a service providing our clients with the comfort that the whole KIID process is managed, which covers the following components:

  • End-to-end process project management
  • Quality controls
  • Status/dashboard reporting
  • Escalation process
  • Helpdesk, single point of contact, customer service
  • Regulatory watch
  • Technical maintenance
  • Full 'time and date stamped' audit trail of all transactions and any other items added, removed or amended on-line, including the user ID
  • No data is ever 'hard deleted'
  • Identification possible (on-line) of the user name and date/time of the latest correction
  • KIID trigger management
  • Global coordination with an 'air traffic control' (high level control, client specific view, control and escalation, delivery actions, injection control, and exceptions review)

With our external KIID platform, we offer an all-inclusive service covering the collection, centralisation, control, coordination and dissemination of aggregated fund data sets, documents and reports.

Our tool includes a registration matrix covering the countries where the sub-funds or classes are distributed. This can be streamlined with our fund registration service

Client control and validation

Our services lower the production burden, but our customers remain in full control.

We provide our clients both with external capacity to deliver and with the necessary tools to always be comfortable that KIIDs are produced with the required quality level:

  • Clients have a 24/7 access to the production system to monitor on-going-activity through dashboard
  • Clients will dictate the KIID data control workflow
  • Clients will dictate the final KIID document publication rules
  • Escalation process in place throughout
  • Audit trails are available on data changes
  • All KIID drafts are archived
  • Follows an agreed operating memorandum


Lou Kiesch

Lou Kiesch

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Xavier Zaegel, FRM

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