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Digital health technology

Global case studies of health care transformation

Around the world, countries and health care organizations are making progress in using health information technology to improve outcomes and access, paving the way for the future of health.

IT might seem that health care systems and challenges are local and unique, but there are more similarities than differences.1 Throughout the world, health care systems struggle with affordability, inequitable health care access, uneven outcomes, and increasing demand for services from growing populations with longer life spans.

Health information and digital technologies can help meet these challenges, support population health goals, improve consumer experience, and drive insights into health conditions. We found examples of public and private programs with demonstrated results that offer creative approaches to common problems or lessons for others. In doing so, we begin to see some of the possible features and capabilities for a health system of the future.

1 David Betts, “The global future of health: Are the challenges facing countries as unique as quokkas?,” Deloitte’s Life Sciences and Healthcare blog, May 1, 2019. View in article

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