Winning in the future of medtech

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Winning in the future of medtech

Novel partnerships with consumer tech to transform care delivery

Medtech companies are well-positioned to drive the future of health, but most cannot do it alone. They should instead partner with consumer technology and specialized digital health companies to meet the changing market.

The future of health is expected to be driven by an omnipresent, proactive, and integrated system of health and well-being where transformational technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cloud storage, augmented and virtual reality, and so on) are poised to play a huge role.

When it comes to medtech, we expect medical devices to meld hardware and software to allow customers to diagnose and perhaps even treat medical conditions at home. And as health care’s focus moves toward prevention instead of treatment, the future devices may alert care teams about potential health issues before they become symptomatic through always-on sensors. As medtech companies’ business models are likely to change dramatically, they should consider collaborating with technology companies to address the increasingly changing needs and expectations of consumers.

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