Leverage operational data with clinical trial analytics


Leverage operational data with clinical trial analytics

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​A BioPharma company that leverages it's operational data with clinical trial analytics is likely to get it's drug to market faster—potentially resulting in more revenue, increased market share, and improved patient outcomes.

A case in action

This global pharmaceutical organization had grown through a series of significant acquisitions. Its therapeutic area business units functioned autonomously with their own methodologies, data management systems, and CROs, which made accessing reliable portfolio information difficult.

Deloitte implemented an analytics platform that collects R&D operations data from over 60 internal and external sources and enables stakeholders to quickly identify issues and traverse from portfolio- to program- to study- to site-level detail.

Some of the business value gained includes:

  • Greater alignment and accountability among teams
  • Transparent measurement of progress toward goals and milestones
  • Proactive portfolio tradeoff decisions and clinical trial adjustments
  • Reduced trial process cycle times
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Gain an end-to-end view of all your clinical operational data

  • Decide on key business metrics
  • Harmonize data to enable more informed decisions
  • Get an end-to-end view of your data
  • Embed intelligence across the process
  • Transform insights into action
  • Implement to drive lasting change
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