The new face of healthcare


The new face of healthcare

The healthcare sector, like so many others, is influenced by the introduction of new techniques and practices rooted in a growing reliance on so-called “digital” technology. Numerous factors have shaped, or will shape, the way in which our healthcare systems deal with patients, particularly in terms of the patient-doctor relationship and access to care.

Executive Summary

In this context, Deloitte has put forward three major technical and behavioral advances which seem to stand out in terms of impact on the healthcare sector. The first trend is the explosion in the volume of data available (“Big Data”). Often discussed in terms of the three Vs (volume, velocity and variety) this development is now widely recognized and the techniques for sourcing and retrieving data are being adapted and adopted with ever-increasing frequency.

Next is the meaningful use of social media (a surprisingly rich source of data). When we consider the 2.5 million items posted per minute on the most popular site, it is easy to picture the sheer quantity of “information” produced. Nevertheless, extracting data from these items is far from easy.

The third advance addresses this issue through analytics: processing or analyzing this data using scientific methods. Medical data is not very homogenous in terms of form, and this makes it all the more difficult for the healthcare sector to analyze the data on a large scale.

Inside magazine Special Edition - Public Sector, December 2015

This special edition includes a variety of topics related to development such as social progress, healthcare and education, and describes issues related to resource efficiency from a demographic and societal perspective.

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