Organisational transformation services

We assist healthcare and life sciences professionals by supporting them in the design, building, implementation and optimisation of organisational transformation.


There is constant pressure on the organisations in the life sciences and healthcare sector to carry out research and to deliver their services and products in an increasingly effective, faster and more cost-efficient way.
Basic capabilities such as effective service delivery, integrated systems, optimised processes and procedures, including analytical accounting, timely and secured online access to patient data (dossier électronique du patient), developing niches and increasing competency centres (centre de compétences) are at the heart of the transformation and evolution process that the life sciences industry is undergoing in Luxembourg. 

How Deloitte can help

To ensure optimal organisational transformation, Deloitte’s service offering for organisational transformation includes:

• Reviewing and advising on adjustment of strategies, development of roadmaps and assistance with deployment and implementation

• Optimisation of resources, processes and costs, including analytical accounting, shared service centres, mutualisation of functions (including procurement, accounting, laboratories, radiology, IT), selective outsourcing, dashboards/business intelligence and activity-based costing

• Competency centres modelling and implementation in line with the hospital plan

• Guidance with ensuring that the organisation meets the new legislative requirements (e.g. cost analysis) on elements such as IT systems, governance and skill sets

• Project Management Organisation (PMO) support on large-scale projects (such as electronic patient file, e-Learning strategy, HRIS) to ensure coverage of all Project Management (PM) dimensions, namely:

o Technical aspects (product selection, product maturity, resilience, architecture, etc.)

o Financial aspects (business value, costing models, TCO, etc.)

o Contractual aspects

o Governance, organisation and resources (sponsoring, project charter, roles and responsibilities, project management protocols)

o Change management and communication (stakeholder identification, training plans, etc.)

o Project management (planning and budget, risk and issues management, etc.)

• Definition of alternative, collaborative working methods, development of implementation roadmaps and assistance with deployment and implementation

• Design of new competency management and performance management frameworks, development of implementation roadmaps and assistance on deployment and implementation

• Redesigning of core business processes and underlying procedures and identification of change impacts on IT and people dimensions

• Review of total reward policies, designing of alternative options (such as job grading), development of implementation roadmaps and assistance on deployment and implementation


Luc Brucher

Luc Brucher

Partner | Healthcare & Public Sector Leader

Luc has over 16 years of experience in audit and advisory services mainly in the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry and the commercial, industrial and public sector. He is a member of the Innovation ... More

Karine Pontet

Karine Pontet

Director | Operations & Human Capital

Karine is a Directeur with more than 11 years of experience within the Human Capital advisory and consulting department of Deloitte Luxembourg. Furthermore, she is actively involved in the Luxembourg ... More