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Focusing on delivering the right patient experience to gain or increase loyalty is becoming as important as managing costs and risks.


The current reform of Luxembourg’s healthcare system addresses a significant number of improvements such as efficiency and cost. A sound understanding of patients’ expectations and healthcare behaviours are key elements to take into consideration in an increasingly competitive environment. Patients are increasingly behaving like consumers with regard to evaluating and selecting adequate healthcare options. Focusing on delivering the right patient experience to gain or increase loyalty is thus becoming as important as managing costs and risks.

To attract and retain patients, healthcare providers need to focus on:

  • Understanding the five main attributes for patient expectations (personalisation, security, operating like a service provider, dependability and transparency) and understanding how they relate to ‘touch points’ for specific patient populations in order to develop a strategic choice and deliver an enhanced patient experience
  • Delivering high-quality clinical services and healthcare solutions that are aligned with evolving behaviours, needs and expectations of patients
  • Organising and improving the patient experience through efficient clinical itineraries and delivering a ‘customer experience’ that is truly distinct from the competition
  • Retaining critical workforce segments and ensuring high employee engagement which translates into improved patient experiences
  • Adopting a ‘patient perspective’ and cultivating the ‘customer experience’ in order to successfully create and deliver the targeted patient experience
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How Deloitte can help

To ensure customer satisfaction, and in turn retain patients, Deloitte service offering includes:

  • Defining a clear vision statement and corporate strategy delivering an exceptional customer experience based on a deep understanding of service expectations balanced with organisational constraints
  • Converting the vision and strategy into a tangible action plan, related objectives underlying internal delivery capabilities
  • Performing capability assessments and identifying gaps that the organisation needs to close in order to achieve the vision (assessed dimensions: people, technology and processes)
  • Assessing the maturity levels of the key drivers of patient experience, namely clinical quality, customer approval, operational/functional performance and employee engagement
  • Performing a comparative performance analysis to highlight deficiencies and key strengths that may significantly impact patient experience
  • Optimising clinical and non-clinical processes and itineraries
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