Healthcare Solutions


Healthcare Solutions

A new healthcare economy is arising

The way healthcare is paid for, delivered and accessed is starting to echo other industries. The healthcare industry is becoming more digital, nimble, responsive and focused on patients.

A new patient profile is arising and reshaping the healthcare delivery system. Our multidisciplinary functional practice, notably in the area of consulting, seeks to provide you with made-to-measure support to meet the challenges you face.

Toward privacy in the digital health market

With the rise of Big Data, the question of data protection becomes more and more important. The goal of data protection is to ensure that data is only used for what it was collected. In general, it covers all volumes, from small to large, and slow as well as fast processing, minimum data and even paper-based processing. Data protection itself is a complex matter and often misunderstood, while the applicability of data protection is not always transparent. Furthermore, people often do not read privacy notices or do not care about protecting their personal information when all is well.

The protection of information is critical for building trust between healthcare providers and consumers—and a basis for a vital collaboration to guarantee meeting consumers’ needs. 

Deloitte can support you in the following domains:

  • GDPR compliance: Undertake GDPR health checks and quick scans
  • GDPR governance: Define organizational GDPR governance
  • Risk analysis & gap identification: Identification of high risk exposures to determine potential gaps related to privacy
  • Data protection & privacy programs: Design, develop, and implement data protection and privacy programs by rationalizing privacy and data protection requirements and evaluating data protection technology

Beneath the surface of cyberattack

In an era of rapid digital transformation (including connected medical devices, IoT, etc.) and the proliferation of ever increasing amounts of sensitive and confidential data, cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a priority. The healthcare sector is one of the more targeted sectors by cyberattackers: many healthcare organizations were already breached and many are even unaware of the violation. Realistically assessing the organization’s changing risk profile becomes critical to help determine what levels and types of cyber risk are acceptable. Through the lens of what is most important for them, healthcare organizations should invest in cost-justified security controls to ensure its patients’ safety and to protect their most important assets and data, while also gaining more insight into threats and responding more effectively to reduce their impact.

Deloitte Luxembourg provides a broad range of cybersecurity services to respond to a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. The goal is to minimize cyber risks by being secure, vigilant and resilient while bringing cybersecurity under explicit management control by the means of a sound cyber strategy and governance.

  • Cyber strategy: help healthcare organizations develop a cyber risk program in line with their strategic objectives and risk appetite.
  • Secure strategy: focus on establishing effective controls around the most sensitive assets and balancing the need to reduce risk, while enabling productivity, efficiency and cost optimization objectives.
  • Vigilant strategy: integrate threat data, IT data and business data to equip security teams with context-rich intelligence to proactively detect and manage cyber threats and respond more effectively to cyber incidents.
  • Resilient strategy: combine proven proactive and reactive incident management processes and technologies to rapidly adapt and respond to cyber disruptions whether from internal or external forces.

Deloitte ranked #1 globally in security consulting by Gartner:

Gartner, a technology research company, has once again ranked Deloitte #1 globally in Security Consulting, based on revenue, in its market share analysis entitled Market Share: Security Consulting Services, Worldwide, 2015. This is the fifth consecutive year that Deloitte has been awarded the #1 ranking.

Download the survey "Cyber security of network-connected medical devices in (EMEA) Hospitals 2016"

Digital revolution in healthcare

The global healthcare industry is starting its transformation due to the demand for high-quality care, financial burden, and due to the shift toward a patient, who is more informed, connected, and empowered, and who collaborates more with the healthcare providers rather than being a passive player of his or her own health journey. At the same time, the global population is growing while healthcare budgets are decreasing, and the burden of chronic diseases is rising rapidly worldwide. All these challenges are putting pressure on doctors, healthcare providers and governments to look for innovative technologies to keep providing high quality healthcare while reducing the costs.

Deloitte can support you in the following domains:

  • Digital strategy: Define a bold vision for the entire digital journey
  • Digital transformation: Support you in identifying relevant technology trends and showing their implications on business models, and in defining actions to successfully transform the IT organization and foster innovation
  • Digital solutions integration: Turn strategy into measurable results by offering full spectrum services, from platform implementations, campaign/content management to social media monitoring
  • Digital regulation: Support you to understand and engage with your customers by putting in place the technology and practices needed to drive loyalty
  • Digital services: Providing turnkey solutions to create digital products and services facilitating open innovation and design thinking

A new kinetic system

Today, more than ever, the effective management of IT risk is essential to any healthcare organization—too often companies are faced with IT crises, resulting in an impact on financial performance, reputational damage and ultimately a loss in consumer confidence. For many organizations, IT risk is at the top of the regulatory agenda. Understanding the complex inter-linkages global regulatory compliance has become an industry-wide challenge.

Addressing this challenge is necessary for all organizations, and tackling it in an efficient and effective way can be a real differentiating factor.

Deloitte may help organizations to:

  • IT services: Assess the level of maturity of their IT team & processes on various dimensions (financial, time to market, efficiency in using resources etc.)
  • Process optimization: Propose scenarios for achieving higher standards, with a step-by-step approach and an overall roadmap for achieving these new references
  • IT Transformation: Provide specific services for IT related tasks, in the field of architecture design, business intelligence setup and overall roll out, preparation of proof of concepts, etc.
  • IT regulation: Provide specific highlights on IT impacts resulting from the implementation of new regulations, such as, obviously, GDPR, but also other major changes in the IT landscape (new facilities using RPA, blockchain, etc.)

The healthcare governance

In today’s fast changing environment defined by disruptive innovations, an increasing need for transparency and communication, economic pressure and a more complex regulatory landscape, healthcare organizations need to manage risk more effectively in order to unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for all their stakeholders.

Deloitte may help organizations to:

  • Governance strategy: Make risk-informed strategic choices and respond to disruptions to grow their business and protect their reputation, benefit from the best-in-class corporate governance, and a risk culture aimed at driving value
  • Governance Regulatory strategy: Anticipate and adapt to changes in the regulatory environment, and built better programs and controls to address the wide variety of regulations and regulatory risks
  • Governance transformation: Transform the way they leverage people’s skills, third party relationships, technology, data, business processes, and controls to manage operational risks and elevate business performance
  • Governance services: Prevent cyberattacks and protect valuable assets

Healthcare organizations: Invest in People

The global healthcare industry needs a completely different kind of leader: a "digital leader" who can build teams, keep people connected and engaged, and drive a culture of innovation, risk tolerance, and continuous improvement. Nowadays, leadership is critical in making the transition from ‘doing’ digital things to ‘becoming’ digital.

The leadership development continues to be a significant challenge for hospitals and healthcare providers around the world, as the transition to the new digital organization creates even larger leadership gaps. High-performing leaders today need different skills and expertise than in previous generations, yet most organizations have not moved rapidly enough to develop digital leaders, promote young leaders, and build new leadership models.

Deloitte can support you in the following domains:

  • Digital leadership strategy: Develop digital leaders at all levels who can enable digital transformation now and moving forward
  • Agile learning: Match learning approaches to digital work—fast, digestible, impactful—just what is needed, when it is needed, and how it is needed
  • Talent engagement strategy: Leverage, attract and engage exceptional talent from across the talent ecosystem to insure in-demand skills are available and ready to address digital skills needs
  • Organization rewiring: Rewire the organization to create the required connections to navigate successfully to new business, operation and customer models
  • Dynamic change: Engage rapid, data driven and precise “fit for purpose” change strategies that leverage the DNA of digital transformation
  • Culture sharing: Shape behaviors and attitudes that help the organization migrate successfully towards a more effective digital business, customer engagement, and operations

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