Life Sciences Solutions


Life Sciences Solutions

The depth of our expertise in the area of life sciences enables us to provide our clients with tailored services for their environments.

Healthcare and life sciences organisations are under enormous pressure in today’s market environment, characterised by evolving regulations, shifting demographics, rising patient expectations and the quest for improved efficiencies.

Our multidisciplinary functional practice, notably in the area of consulting (strategy, operations, information technology, human capital, financial services, risk management, etc.), seeks to provide the different stakeholders operating in the life sciences sphere with made-to-measure support to meet the challenges they face. 

How Deloitte can help

CFO services
Doing business and staying in business is becoming more and more challenging due to today’s market situation and future evolutions. Deloitte offers support with tailor-made service offerings for the healthcare sector covering every aspect of financial services.

Corporate social responsibility
The ESR label is one of the most advanced and comprehensive CSR labels in Europe. It helps to initiate a continuous improvement approach by providing concrete examples and proposing clear action plans.

Human capital advisory services
One of the most valuable assets of a company is its talented workforce. Recruiting, retaining and developing skilled people are key factors for success.

Internal audit
Optimising internal processes, streamlining work processes and adapting to new regulations while increasing productivity and efficiency represents a tough challenge for today’s healthcare industry.

IT services
Individual technology solutions are meeting narrow goals, however, the full portfolio of solutions is not generating the desired value for the business. While different business units rely on one another more than ever, supporting technologies have not evolved to support these critical connections.

Learning and education
In a competitive environment, the ability to develop and train your talents is a key business imperative. The need for training and education is becoming more important in the future due to the various challenges of the healthcare industry

Marketing and communication
The Deloitte 2011 survey of healthcare consumers in Luxembourg showed that specialisation, physician recommendation and reputation are the primary reasons for Luxembourg consumers to choose a specific hospital. This result shows the importance of cultivating the reputation of a healthcare provider.

Organisational transformation
There is a constant pressure on the healthcare actors to deliver their services in an increasingly effective, faster and more cost-efficient way. Basic capabilities such as effective service delivery, integrated systems, optimised processes and procedures, are at the heart of the reform that the healthcare industry is undergoing in Luxembourg.

Given the economic and social evolutions, life sciences companies need a well-defined organisation and strategy. Due to significant cost pressure, organisations are increasingly compelled to focus on efficiency gains to maintain their financial situations.

Quality management
Quality has become a primary concern for healthcare providers, and regulators have acknowledged this by reinforcing European and local legislation.

Tax services
Ever-changing tax regimes increase the complexity and obligations for the industry on a local and global scale. Poor tax management can significantly impact business costs and cash flow.


Luc Brucher

Luc Brucher

Partner | Healthcare & Public Sector Leader

Luc has over 16 years of experience in audit and advisory services mainly in the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry and the commercial, industrial and public sector. He is a member of the Innovation ... More

Karine Pontet

Karine Pontet

Director | Operations & Human Capital

Karine is a Directeur with more than 11 years of experience within the Human Capital advisory and consulting department of Deloitte Luxembourg. Furthermore, she is actively involved in the Luxembourg ... More