2013 Global forest, paper and packaging trend watch

A changing landscape: South America's influence on global markets

This report highlights how, in the coming decade, the supply and demand activity of South America is set to have a profound influence on international forest, paper, and packaging markets, with dramatic expansions in pulp capacity and growing domestic demand.

To address the short- and medium-term market possibilities, Deloitte FP&P Sector Leaders offer consideration points for industry watchers: what effects are producers likely to see and how they may respond in their investment decisions, geographic positioning, pricing, and export and import activity.

The report sets a framework toward understanding current indicators and upcoming influential trends.

It also forecasts that South America, with its current investments into state-of-the-art production facilities, could also stake a competitive position in global markets should wood-based and other cellulosic bioenergy reach commercial-scale production.  

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