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In these times of modernisation and globalisation, the manufacturing sector faces huge challenges in terms of keeping up with the speed of change on the one hand and keeping manufacturing on the Luxembourg territory on the other.

Manufacturing industry challenges

Neither manufacturing nor other industries are immune to the financial crisis. The industrial sector has been particularly affected by the crisis and national traditional enterprises have faced serious issues.

Luxembourg is home to a large number of companies, which vary considerably in terms of size and capital structure. But all these structures share the same fundamental objectives of growth, adaptability and long-term viability.

Everyday, these companies are confronted with opportunities and difficulties, ranging from the technological revolution and regulatory changes to the emergence of new markets and new competitors. Their success depends above all on the speed of their reactions.

Maintaining a high level of competitiveness and ensuring sustainable profitability are major challenges for such businesses. The main levers to achieving these objectives are innovative capacity, the quality of human capital, risk management and strategic management.

Decisions on raising funds, external growth and divestment transactions, internationalisation, as well as business and asset transfers have a major impact on a company’s future. It is therefore important to ensure that such decisions are well-informed, drawing on the support and advice of a professional organisation. 

Our solutions for Manufacturing industry

Deloitte offers clients a multidisciplinary approach, providing support in terms of the financial and organisational challenges faced at every stage of their development, from the incorporation to the transfer of their business.

In order to cover all the issues faced by our clients, our range of services is structured around various centres of expertise:

We offer our clients:

  • A personalised service
  • Dedicated teams to facilitate a close working relationship
  • A pragmatic approach geared towards identifying operational solutions
  • Customised solutions based on the transfer of competences and the sharing of best practices
  • A dedicated, closely coordinated international network, capable of meeting the needs of our clients throughout the world


Christophe De Sutter

Christophe De Sutter

Partner | Consumer / ER&I Leader

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