Operational challenges of Information management in the fund industry

An investment fund is, by nature, a financial product. As a product, it has to comply with regulations and is meant to be sold to customers. The description of its characteristics is therefore subject to legal and commercial obligations.

Executive summary

Information on the product has to be compiled and made available for communication and usage. How this content is handled is therefore critical to ensure that the correct information is distributed. Regulators are strengthening the legal framework on investment funds in order to increase transparency and thus improve investors’ protection. The aim of UCITS, MiFid, AIFMD and PRIPS, to
name but a few, is to not only better inform investors on the products but also to better inform professional players on the investors and their ability to invest in the products.

Providing information is key for two reasons: to comply with regulations and—as funds are commercial products—to gain visibility. Managing information has thus become a challenge for both fund management companies and the distributors having to place transactions on behalf of their customers. 

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