Operations excellence


Operations excellence

Delivering value through your business

The key to a successful business is not only to rely on innovative products and good business strategies but also on day-to-day operations. If daily operations are not efficient and effective then customers will be dissatisfied, profits will erode and money will be wasted on inefficient processes.

Operations excellence: the key to a successful business

There is a widespread misconception that there is a trade-off between efficiency and customer service. Yet more often than not the root causes of waste and customer dissatisfaction are one and the same. Understand what your customer highly values and focus relentlessly on delivering that to the exclusion of all else and productivity will improve.

The need for a major focus on operations excellence can arise from a number of marketplace drivers including:

  • Entering a new business or creating a new operation;
  • The need to radically restructure costs in the face of shifting market dynamics;
  • The need to keep up with ever evolving customer requirements;
  • Enhancement of clients’ continuous improvement and process management skills;
  • Catching-up with technology opportunities that could help to improve process dynamics and customer attraction.

These can all create the need for a radical rethink of operating models and an overhaul of key delivery processes.

Our operations excellence expertise

Deloitte’s operations excellence has a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from financial service, TMT, consumer business to the manufacturing industry. We support business transformation through a focus on:

  • Operational strategy and target operating model design;
  • Product innovation and lifecycle management;
  • Trading transformation and outsourcing in the financial services industry;
  • Large scale process transformation;
  • Embedding a culture and tools to enable effective continuous improvement;
  • Align and/or catch-up with Regulatory requirements

Operations excellence is focused on your core processes. Our practitioners are organised by industry and as such have a deep level of expertise in those delivery processes that are unique to you, whether it be settling a share trade in an asset manager, or optimising your business model in a consumer business company.


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Basil Sommerfeld

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