Your quarterly private equity market brief

Each quarter, we present you the current status of the private equity industry considering fund raising, buyout and capital calls. You will find relevant figures indicating the status of the industry. Compare this quarter’s fund raising to previous years, see how the value of buyouts change over time, and browse through the key takeaways as selected and analyzed by our Private Equity specialists.

Key Takeways:
  • Q2 2018 fundraising continues slowing down, however it is still strong
  • Buyout exit activity reported to be weak • High prices are still a concern and they start casting doubts on the investors about the capacity of the industry to continue delivering significant return, putting the asset managers under pressure to keep their performances at the level expected by the market in a challenging deal environment
  • Dry powder has kept the December 2017 level at $1tn
  • 2017 was another cash flow positive year, with distributions exceeding capital calls for the sixth year in a row

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