Our CSSF Circular 12/544 compliance services


Our CSSF Circular 12/544 compliance services

Challenges of the CSSF Circular 12/544

Several years ago, the status of Support Professionals of the Financial Sector (Support PSF) was created in Luxembourg law in order to guarantee an appropriate level of high- quality organisation in companies offering operational and technical services to financial professionals.

CSSF Circular 12/544 constitutes a new stage in the supervision of Support PSF and optimises this supervision using a risk-based approach. The new circular seeks to ensure the appropriate management of direct or indirect risks that might impact their professional financial clients.

Challenges of the CSSF Circular 12/544

Deloitte solutions to meet CSSF Circular 12/544 requirements

Our multidisciplinary approach and expertise both in the field of risk management and in the Support PSF sector allows us to help you cover every aspect of this new regulatory obligation.

Our personalised support allows you to:

  • Tackle the key points of the new regulation simply and pragmatically;
  • Identify and classify the risks as defined in the regulation, in a way that is adapted to your company’s individual situation;
  • Regularly review the impact and frequency of the various risks identified;
  • Prepare the different reports required by this CSSF circular.

Our team is committed to helping you improve the quality of your organisation, overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the CSSF regulation.

Deloitte solutions

An integrated or adjustable solution

Being fully aware of the issues facing Support PSFs, Deloitte has developed a simple, flexible, inexpensive and practical approach to help you deal with the challenges of Circular 12/544 as easily as possible. We will work closely with you to provide a full support service that will cover the organisational (training, internal processes), technical (tools, reports) and strategic (advice on risk hedging strategy) aspects of this Circular, including:

  • Training sessions on the basic concepts of risk management
  • Guidance in identifying your key risks
  • Setting up of the risk register; an efficient and automated solutions
  • Risk Analysis Report (RAR) preparation
  • Descriptive Report (DR) preparation
  • Long-term support in the form of co-sourcing of the risk management function
An integrated or adjustable solution


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