Government executives on AI

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Government executives on AI

Surveying how the public sector is approaching an AI-enabled future

As government uses artificial intelligence more, how can the experiences of early adopters guide other public sector organizations?

As one of the hottest technologies of recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has started penetrating both the US public and the private sectors—though to differing degrees. While the private sector seems bullish on AI, the public sector’s approach appears tempered with more caution—a Deloitte survey of select early adopters of AI shows high concern around the potential risks of AI among public sector organizations (see the sidebar “About the survey”). The findings in this study show the approaches and experiences of these early adopters of AI in the public sector. They give a peek into how public sector organizations are approaching AI; and how the approaches, in many cases, differ from those of their private sector counterparts.

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William D. Eggers
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