Gov2020 - Opinions on the future of government



Opinions on the future of government

Executive Summary

The aim of Gov2020 is to help leaders from all sectors make sense of the ever-changing demographic, societal, economic, and technological trends shaping our future. Gov2020 is not a crystal ball but it does bring together some of our best Deloitte research and expertise from all over the world to start a discussion on what is probable, and even more importantly, what is possible for those who are most willing to embrace change.

Gov2020 is meant to be a starting point for governments wishing to engage with the future. It provides policymakers with some thought-provoking ideas about what is possible and a means to evaluate whether they are ready to embrace a future that will in all likelihood be very different from the world we know today. Effectively responding to the drivers of change and shifting needs of citizens will affect virtually every process, system, and structure of government.

Inside magazine Special Edition - Public Sector, December 2015

This special edition includes a variety of topics related to development such as social progress, healthcare and education, and describes issues related to resource efficiency from a demographic and societal perspective.

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