Governance of large EU projects

What are the trends for the future?

Governance of the EU and its institutions is one of the single most debated topics within Europe, keeping many academics and think-tanks actively at work. However, given that the EU is the largest and most prosperous trading bloc in the world, the attention is warranted. What are the trends for the future and what do they mean for IT governance?

Executive summary

Whether it be the acceptance or establishment of new members, directives, new institutions, political decisions at EU level, typically incur some level of practical integration. This can range in complexity from establishing a new office (e.g. a new agency) to the creation of pan-EU networks to be integrated with existing member state infrastructure (such as those in use for taxation under the European Commission’s DG TAXUD). This article from Inside magazine number 4 covers the following topics:

  • Megatrends in the EU
  • Challenges faced in large-scale EU projects
  • ICT leadership
  • Interoperability
  • Post-Digital Government

Inside magazine issue 4, March 2014

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