How will IoT improve public sector services?


How will IoT improve public sector services?

Executive Summary

What is the Internet of Things and what impact can it have on society? While many industries already capture the huge potential of IoT, it is also true that the public sector can benefit significantly from the variety of devices in the world of IoT. By leveraging the power of these devices, we are entering an era of “Smart Cities”, where sensors and automations can enhance public services, and therefore the daily life of citizens.

What is the meaning behind the term IoT?

If you’ve ever seen the “check engine” light come on in your car and had the necessary repairs done in a timely way, you’ve benefited from an early-stage manifestation of what is today known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Something about the way your car was operating—an action—triggered a sensor, which communicated that data to a monitoring device. The significance of this data was determined based on aggregated information and prior analysis. The light came on, which in turn triggered a trip to the garage and necessary repairs.

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