Impact of organization transformation in the public sector


Understanding the impact of organization transformation in the public sector

Executive Summary

The Luxembourg government, via its Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, has clearly expressed its willingness “to do more with less”. This speech was the first milestone of a long process to reorganize the public service, structure, and system in which Luxembourg seems to be engaged.

Usually when the time comes to transform a public organization, we know the stakes going in; a change this big could be the stroke that defines our legacy as leaders of this sector. Indeed, public organization leaders should certainly align their organization with political decisions, but this should be done quite carefully.

In fact, done well, organization transformation can make significant improvements to performance because it enhances the alignment of the organization with public strategy. It can improve speed to service and customer/citizen experience and it can go a long way towards containing costs. However, public organization leaders should not forget that organization transformation is a complex undertaking with no guarantees. Before we embark on a similar project, let’s reflect on research from Deloitte that was conducted during 130 organization design projects from their global client base in businesses and the public sector.

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