Luxembourg as a Smart Nation


Luxembourg as a Smart Nation

The Digital Lëtzebuerg initiative will be leading the way

Executive Summary

The best and most successful approach to building a strong, viable digital agenda ensures that strategy is at the center of such an agenda. In fact, first of all, get the digital strategy right by prioritizing it and be clear and realistic about where you can make a real difference. Secondly, as this is a “digital“ agenda, you need to put technology very high on your priority list. The choices are numerous, and getting this point right will determine most structural aspects of implementation. Thirdly, make sure you have the right digital leadership, which understands the possibilities of this new paradigm and has a clear inclination to get things moving.

Digitalization on the level currently possible is perhaps the largest disruptor we have seen in history, but most definitely the one combined with the highest velocity of change. The possibilities are (almost) endless, but as changes happen at such great speed the possibility that your strategy itself will be disrupted is high. Consequently, you need to have a modular and flexible approach, which can be swiftly adapted and re-aligned to any new situation. Your strategic approach itself must be “agile“.

Inside magazine Special Edition - Public Sector, December 2015

This special edition includes a variety of topics related to development such as social progress, healthcare and education, and describes issues related to resource efficiency from a demographic and societal perspective.

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