Nation brand management


Beyond defining the nation brand

Moving from brand conceptualization and communication to continous nation brand management

Executive Summary

This summer, Luxembourg publicly announced its new brand identity. Under the promise of “going further together”, Luxembourg will capitalize on the country’s particular strengths—reliability, dynamism, and openness—to present itself as an ally for investors, visitors, and others choosing Luxembourg as their country of choice for different purposes.

In order to communicate this to potential partners, Luxembourg intends to apply a “storytelling” technique, which will show how the country has exhibited its strengths in the past.

Nation branding can be defined as a three-step process consisting of (1) defining, (2) communicating, and (3) managing and measuring a country’s reputation. As Luxembourg has now completed the definition of the brand identity and communication strategy, it will need to proceed with implementing and managing the nation brand.

Nation branding has been viewed skeptically for many years—as illustrated in 1999 in a statement by Michel Girard, a French academic, who stated that “a corporation may be rebranded, but not a state”— and only a few well-developed brand management strategies for nations exist. As nations are catching up regarding the conceptualization and communication of their nation’s brand, they continue to lag behind corporate brand management when it comes to the follow-up, management and measurement activities of the brand.

We suggest a framework for a dashboard to measure and monitor key indicators to ensure maximization of the impact of the nation branding.


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