Deloitte Luxembourg integrated educational solutions

Targeting today’s challenges

Deloitte Luxembourg can help different public, private, and corporate actors in the education sector to identify and address policy and operational challenges through a host of services.

The revolution is coming

Openness of data, emergence of massive open online courses, informal learning platforms, collaboration tools, and analytics are currently transforming the education sector.

Concepts like open content, open data, and open resources, along with notions of transparency and easy access to data is becoming prevalent currently. Emergence of open book content providers and eBook publishers is shifting value from provision of content to its delivery method and reducing market value. This trend is commoditising content and shifting value to delivery.

Massively Open OnlineCourses (MOOCs)
MOOCs are being widely explored as alternatives and supplements to traditional university courses. . As the ideas evolve, MOOCs are increasingly seen as a very intriguing alternative to credit-based instruction. The prospect of a single course achieving enrollments in the tens of thousands is bringing serious conversations on topics like micro-credit to the highest levels of institutional leadership.

Informal learning
Learning which is self-directed and aligns with the student’s own personal learning goals. Online or other modern environments are trying to leverage both formal and informal learning experiences by giving students traditional assignments, such as textbook readings and paper writing. This type of learning will become increasingly important in learning environments of all kinds.

Sophisticated assessment and evaluation
Greater emphasis on formative and competency-based evaluation and improved ability to track achievements with greater reliability, accuracy, and frequency are being developed. Learners are being given more control over what is assessed, when it is assessed, and how assessment results are used.

The role of educators continues to change due to the vast resources that are accessible to students via the Internet. Institutions are now faced with a critical shift as students engage in more informal learning outside of the classroom, and are using opportunities for increased collaboration while equipping students with stronger digital skills. 

Mega trends in higher education

Key trends driving the changes in higher education includes availability of online knowledge.  


Our education practice and services

The Deloitte Education Consulting Practice Team works with a worldwide network of education experts and in-house teams specialised in complementary areas (accounting, financial services industry, human capital formation, ICT, project management, and public-private partnerships) to provide fine-tuned analysis and tailored solutions in training and programme design and implementation, policy research and analysis, and monitoring and evaluation, among others.

Our services

  • Programme and project design and implementation
  • Educational planning and management
  • Evaluation services
  • Design, evaluation and monitoring of PPPs in education
  • Policy research and analysis
  • Case studies
  • Training and curriculum development
  • Professional and vocational training planning and design
  • Adult and lifelong learning


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Basil Sommerfeld

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