Performance improvement and process change

European Institutions

Deloitte Luxembourg combines its experience and knowledge with that of Deloitte EMEA member firms to offer organisational and process optimisation services, including assistance to the European Institutions in addressing the challenges of reform, diversification of working models and creation of agencies.

Performance improvement and process change

Programme and project portfolio management

We help European Institutions align their activities with their core vision by clearly defining an organisation’s vision, structuring its portfolio of projects and programmes and guiding the organisation through the project management and governance process.


Business modelling

We help steer European Institutions towards optimal decision-making, by identifying, simulating and assessing their business options. Our expertise enriches decision-making processes by providing an in-depth understanding of key business and risk drivers and objectives, and invaluable insight into the potential risks and returns involved in any business plan under consideration.


Business process re-engineering

We help European Institutionss identify problems, bottlenecks and inefficiencies in a permanent and structured way, in order to reduce lead times, decrease costs, improve internal efficiency and qualitative and quantitative outcomes.


Change management

We help European Institutions manage change effectively using Deloitte’s holistic methodology, and an approach which  addresses the entire organisation, from sponsorship and leadership through to end-user enablement. 


Pascal Martino

Pascal Martino

Partner | Banking and Human Capital Leader

Pascal Martino has 20 years of experience in Business Consulting and Advisory services and developed a wide expertise in Private and Retail Banking. Pascal is leading the Banking industry transversall... More

Patrick Laurent

Patrick Laurent

Partner | ACG Leader & Innovation Leader

Patrick joined Deloitte as partner in 2011 and was promoted to the Executive Committee in 2018. Patrick heads the Advisory & Consulting Group (ACG) and is the Firm Innovation Leader. He has extensive ... More